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1- Your logo is too generic, and doesn’t show what your business is. Many businesses start out with a logo they got from their “cousin in uni”, or from a discount website. It just isn’t showing off the purpose of the business.

2- Your graphics are out of date, and don’t attract a new generation of clients. Have you looked at how your promotional media really appear lately? Does it keep up with current tastes and viewing habits of your potential clients?

3- Your business changed focus, and your best assets are not the same as when you started out. Old graphics may no longer express the current marketing strategy. Businesses evolve over time, and the good ones adapt to the needs of their best clients.

4 -Your website looks just like any other business. Most websites are formatted from templates to begin with, and the way to set your business apart from the norm is to have unique, targeted graphic content.

5- Your communications don’t look good enough for you to charge the fees you want to get. A great company image promotes high credibility, and puts your business in the environment you create for it.