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UltraVibrandt 2016 – New work by Judy Brandt

You’re invited to view a Projection of
Digital Photography by Judy Brandt at:
Projections@The City Library
Showing the entire month of June, 2016
Located at the City Library Foyer and Balcony
253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
For a quick preview, see:




UltraVibrandt – Great Fun on NYE

Great fun on NYE in Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North with Projections by Judy Brandt

Digital Photography Projections by Judy Brandt were a big success with the passing public, as they did shadow play in the images.

Sponsored by the City of Yarra, and Globelight.

New Year’s Eve! UltraVibrandt Photo Projections

All are invited to light up the night with vivid, colourful, digital photographic projections by Judy Brandt in celebration of New Year’s Eve!

At the Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North

From 9pm on, Projections will be shown on the Community Centre Wall
In association with the Yarra City Council, and Globelight, Inc.

Colour the night with digital projections on the 1812 Theatre, Upper Ferntree Gully

Colour the night with digital projections on the 1812 Theatre, Upper Ferntree Gully

Can a typeface you choose be more persuasive than another?

Baskerville font was found to be most credible in text

In an experiment by Errol Morris with the New York Times, the “truthfulness” of six typefaces—Baskerville, Computer Modern, Georgia, Helvetica, Comic Sans and Trebuchet was tested on 40,000 people. A quiz was given after reading an essay in each of the fonts. The conclusion was that readers were more likely to agree with a statement written in Baskerville than other fonts. Only Georgia and Helvetica were any competition at all — the others being very poorly drawn, much less readable, not intended for long texts, or all of the above.

Does this mean we should revert to the Baskerville typeface for all our promotional materials? Definitely NOT, in my opinion. Essays are only a small part of current communication needs. Trends, branding and media should factor into any typeface choices! Read the original article and see the whole story.

Projections @ City Library, showing Judy Brandt’s Digital Art Photography

Projections @ City Library: Judy Brandt Digital Photography, City of Melbourne

2-29 May, 2015, you are invited to view Projections @ City Library, featuring Judy Brandt’s fine art photography, in the Foyer in the City Library, at 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Listed in That’s Melbourne, and ArtsHub.®ionId=341&hub=3&categoryId=5177&whatsOnWhenPeriod=3&whatsOnDate=&searchString=city%20library

A HANDY GUIDE TO WHAT FILE TYPE TO USE- (jpeg, png, or gif?)

JPEG is best for: – Still (not animated) images – Photographs – Images with lots of colors – Shades of grey
PNG is best for: – Web images (like your website logo, or anything that needs transparent background) (PNG8) – Photographs with lots of colors, when a larger file size is ok. (PNG24)
GIF is best for:– Animated images

For more info:


1- Your logo is too generic, and doesn’t show what your business is. Many businesses start out with a logo they got from their “cousin in uni”, or from a discount website. It just isn’t showing off the purpose of the business.

2- Your graphics are out of date, and don’t attract a new generation of clients. Have you looked at how your promotional media really appear lately? Does it keep up with current tastes and viewing habits of your potential clients?

3- Your business changed focus, and your best assets are not the same as when you started out. Old graphics may no longer express the current marketing strategy. Businesses evolve over time, and the good ones adapt to the needs of their best clients.

4 -Your website looks just like any other business. Most websites are formatted from templates to begin with, and the way to set your business apart from the norm is to have unique, targeted graphic content.

5- Your communications don’t look good enough for you to charge the fees you want to get. A great company image promotes high credibility, and puts your business in the environment you create for it.

Design Led Companies Prosper

A new analysis by the Design Management Institute concludes that DESIGN DRIVEN BUSINESSES have out performed the S&P by 228% over the past 10 years. –Fastcompany

Fine art photography by Judy Brandt

Done with a digital camera set on an extreme closeup– The effect was achieved due the wide angle distortion created in the camera. Then I manipulated the color in Photoshop.